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Patrick helped me scale my eBay account from $0 to $250k/month within 3 months. Absolutely love this guy! He is honest, attentive and gets the job done. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

-Hayden Howard

I was an active power seller many years ago but stopped because my account was permanently suspended. My relationship with eBay did not end on good terms. Matt in every way possible addressed all of my concerns and has brought me back on as a seller. I cannot express enough how professional and amazing the experience was dealing with him.

-Debora Kim

Patrick was recommend to me by a friend, with his help we were able to get our eBay account back up and running. He was very quick, and professional through the whole process, and cared for our business.

-Nur Pasha

Equinox Capital

I had an opportunity to work with Matthew when we were trying to get back on to eBay to sell our products. Matthew jumped in and helped us out all the way until our account was active and all setup. Even after we were setup on eBay, he reached out to us to check on how things are going and gave us a lot of tips on how to increase our business on eBay for a while. I'm grateful that Matthew was there all the way to help us out on getting on board with eBay. His knowledge on eBay and his persistence and strong follow up on our cases really got us back on eBay. I highly recommend working with Matthew! Thank you for all your help Matt!

-Jay Kim

After 8 years of having been permanently suspended from eBay, eBayRehab succeeded in restoring our account.  To be honest, we were skeptical -- we've been trying annually to get back on. We were never told why our account was suspended, and for 8 years, no one would/could tell us what it take to get our account re-established -- it just wasn't going to happen.

However, Mathew was able to take our information and succeeded in getting it in front of the right people at eBay that I was never ever to get to.Our account was restored, with all of our former feedback intact, and with virtually unrestricted listing capability.

This literally was a dream come true, and Matthew and his partner, Pat, made it happen.  We are very grateful.

-Mark Starkweather

No one at eBay offered any help to me, it felt like I was being kicked when I was down. eBay was a huge revenue stream for my business. Matt reached out and I was shocked at how quick he was able to get my account back. He also provided helpful strategic advice for increasing sales. Thank you!

-Joseph Pilat


Patrick Sutton


Matthew Moon